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Hey there... I'm angela wills &
I've been a "laptop lifer" since '07!

Hello! I'm so proud to be the founder and leader of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. 

Since 2007 I have been earning my income entirely from my online business. I started my very first website in 1999 for FUN. Ever since I've been loving putting focus on building meaningful relationships through an internet connection.

With all the options out there these days to connect with business owners online I realize you might be wondering WHY you should join "The YOU".  If you're curious you can sign up for my emails and find out how I can teach you to create the Laptop Lifestyle for yourself and how my membership is just the support you need. 

I live the "Laptop Lifestyle" but that's not all beaches and flights and conferences! I snapped this photo here during a rare trip to an amazing mastermind business retreat on the beach. Normally I'm the mom at school pickup, I'm working from the coffee shop teaching people what I'm good at or I'm working from the local co-working space sending emails to my subscribers or supporting my members by hosting meetings, answering questions and organizing collaborations we do together!

I'd love to tell you more! Hit me up at angela@angelawills.com if you have any questions! 

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you're going to rock every goal...

I've been blessed to know you since our very early days in business and you've never failed to shift and adapt when the situation called for it and that's why you're going to rock every goal you set for yourself. Keep on inspiring us all!

Kelly McCausey  //  LovePeopleMakeMoney.com

added almost 100 new subscribers...

In my first month, we had a collaboration, and it added almost 100 new subscribers and generated a couple of hundred dollars income.

Lexi Rodrigo  //  LexiRodrigo.com

amazing and encouraging group...

So glad I'm part of this amazing and encouraging group. Thank you Angela Wills. I got so much help and encouragement. Can't thank this group enough. 

Bo Johnson  //  DIYBizChicks.com

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