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What is an Affiliate Partner & Why Do I Do It?

As an affiliate partner, you will get a special affiliate link tracked only to you. Through that link you can refer your peeps!

Why Promote The Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity?

Affiliates earn 50% commissions on a monthly, recurring payments.

Keep in mind your people are looking for new ways to grow their business and the YOUniversity is VERY UNIQUE in that we PARTNER with members four times a year to list-build and make-money together (via member-only collaborations). They get the training, support, community AND platform to create a digital information-product business. 

How much you could earn:
10 sales = $185.00/month recurring (work once, keep getting paid)
25 sales = $462.50/month
50 sales = $925/month

Other reasons to promote:

Your people will thank you! Good memberships are HARD to find. This is not another throw them in a Facebook Group and forget about them membership! My membership is my passion, my main (and ONLY) gig and my driving force behind my business. 

I treat my affiliates right! I look at my affiliates as business partners I love and respect. I pay fair, pay on time and give you something worth promoting! 

Refer a Friend Feature:

All members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity will see a “refer a friend” feature inside the membership. What’s unique about this is that it will create a coupon code unique to YOU and will credit you for sending any new members into The YOU! If you are not an affiliate you will create your account by using the invite. When you send the invite the coupon code is tracked to your affiliate account and when your friend signs up you’ll earn the commissions. You can see a listing of who you sent the referrals to so you can follow-up and make sure they get it!

Occasssionally I’ll change up the message that your friends receive. Here is the current message that goes out when you click on “INVITE A FRIEND”:

Hey %name% I wanted to invite you to the membership for digital product creators that I LOVE. I’ve been so thankful to have a place to get advice with the weekly meetings, chat in the private forums, access training and get invites to work with members to grow our lists and businesses together. 

It’s called the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and the owner Angela Wills has authorized me to give you a 50% discount on your first month or even YEAR of the membership! Check it out:

Your friend (%user.name_f% %user.name_l%) invited you to our site %site_title%
Invite code: %coupon% — 
Invite link:

Best Regards,

Angela Wills
Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

Laptop Lifestyle YOU Facts 

Our Unique Selling Proposition is our Quarterly Member-Only Collaborations. These collabs are focused on helping members either build their lists, make a digital product and/or make sales.

EVERY Member is invited to participate in these! The drive of a deadline is powerful and members get motivated to build products, get shopping carts set up, make sales, get affiliate links out there and so much more! We had so many great results from members from our event. 

Other Value to the Membership: