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  1. Laptop Lifestyle Building Discussion

    1. Let's Talk: Building Your Email List & Community

      Building your following is a CORE piece of growing your business. Let's talk about how to do that here. 

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    2. Let's Talk: Creating Info Products

      Running a digital business has so many perks but you gotta get those products out there to see the benefits. Let's chat about that! 

    3. Let's Talk: Selling Your Stuff

      Raise your hand if you are ready to make some SALES! Let's talk about selling with ethics, honesty and integrity. 

  2. Course Specific Discussions

    1. Email List Growth

      If you have questions about the Email List Growth training HERE - post them here. 

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    2. Money Master Challenge

      Mastering my money has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I've ever done. After a lifetime of debt I'm almost one year in full control of my money (at the time of writing this -  July 1st, 2019). I want that for you, too! See the Money Master Challenge HERE and then click the links back to this forum to keep accountable (start a new accountability post) and ask questions! 

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