How to Get One Year of Laptop Lifestyle Support

So, hey, here’s the deal:

I’m an affiliate for Coach Glue

Coach Glue is run by two of the most inspiring digital business owners I know – Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold.  

I have known both ladies since 2005-ish. If you’re counting that’s almost 15 years. 

They both 100% live a Laptop Lifestyle.  

When you see affiliates promoting other people’s products there aren’t going to be too many that know the hearts and minds of the people they’re promoting like I do Nicole and Melissa. 

I have consumed probably hundreds of hours of videos, training, reading, etc from these ladies and spend hundreds of more hours in conversation with them.  

Nicole Dean has been my coach THREE times, and I have spent so much time in conversation with her about business. She’s brilliant, as is Melissa. I love them both.  

I’ve also worked FOR Nicole in the early days of my business as a writer and editor of content – I know the quality she delivers and expects, from the actual inside as her contractor and the outside as her customer.  

Why am I tell you this? Because I’m about to send you to their website for a big purchase, if it fits for you.  I’m sending you to the All Access VIP program at Coach Glue where you get access to a TON of content that you can use to grow your business. More on that in a moment, but for right now I want to let you know about how you can buy that and get EVERYTHING I’m going to offer this year totally FREE, and why I’m offering that.  So – BUY THIS and I will give you THIS:

  • One full year membership to the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity – $444 value
  • At least ONE (possibly two) runs of my brand new MEconomy program – $997 value
  • Any other coaching programs and offers I offer not inside Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity – ??? value! 
  • Case Study of my efforts for the Coach Glue Affiliate Contest – priceless?? 

 Did you catch that last bullet? Affiliate marketing case study.  

I’m going to, starting TODAY, case study for my membership all the things I’m doing to promote Coach Glue and be a real contender in this contest. Talk about accountability for me and blow by blow training for all others! 

I’ll be creating a new section in the member’s library just for this and each day I will post everything I’ve done as I will be recording it all. I’ll do a quick summary video and link to everything (such as this email, any social media, blog posts, interviews, etc). This will probably take someone hours to consume as it’s going to be thorough or you could follow along daily! 

My members have been asking me A LOT about affiliate marketing and if I can give some training on that lately. this is the BEST way I could possibly think to give a full and thorough affiliate marketing training – and talk about FUN! I hope you’ll follow along with me with this as a member of the LL YOU through this bonus or otherwise!  

Let me tell you WHY I’m doing this: 

Coach Glue has an affiliate contest going on this month and I want to WIN. The grand prize is $2500 and I’ve tried a number of years to win and I’ve gotten pretty far but I’ve never actually WON.  I would NEVER participate in any kind of promotional contest if I wasn’t 1000% confident in the quality of the product. I am not just an affiliate of Coach Glue, I am a customer. As a matter of fact you can see my raving testimonial right on the CG page of how I used their content the year I had my daughter when I BARELY had time to work yet I still made $74k that year. I was blown away by the leverage I could create when I had no time to do so. 

 Now imagine creating leverage for yourself with a year’s worth of content and training and support (via LL YOU) for only $1000. Imagine if you spent your money on this coaching content for business owners and then STOPPED spending on anything shiny and just focused – head down – content ready – support there – GO TIME.  

What kind of results could you get by the end of 2020? 
What kind of laptop lifestyle would you/ could you create? 

Just take a moment to FEEL what that looks like for YOU!  I would be soooo excited if you took me up on this offer. Coach Glue’s contest was maybe the fuel by my fire is all for helping people create true freedom in their life and I see a path for that if you accept this offer. Will you? If you have ANY questions hit reply and let me know, anytime.  

What Do You Get From Coach Glue VIP?  18 Done For You Courses (FULL programs), including:

  • Cha-Ching: Product Launch Assets That Make BANK!
  • Full Time to Freelancer: Create, Launch and Book Out Your Services 30 Days
  • 100% Complete: How to Create a profitable Course that Your Buyers Devour in Record Time
  • see all the courses here

22 Teach Your Tribe Kits (great for membership sites – what I used for mine), including:

  • Fill It: How to Get them to Say YES to Your Next Workshop or Course
  • How to Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers
  • Daily Self Discipline for Entrepreneurs
  • see all the kits here

20 Done for You Planners (these are hot sellers), including:

  • Map out Your Instagram Brand & Posts in a Weekend
  • Make out Your Recurring Revenue Plan in a Weekend
  • Facebook Live Scripts & Marketing Plan
  • see all the planners here

Dang you know it’s good when you start selling yourself on a product!.. Looking over all the content they have I’m really wondering if I should grab myself the All Access again for two reasons:

1. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut in my TOPICS that I’m training on and I see so many interesting and popular topics that I could put my own focus to so that I have NEW and EXCITING things to teach my own community. I write all my own content these days but even at that I see HUGE value in having a library of content that I could use as starters, as blog post and social media ideas and to be a starter learning program for me to get some context and then go create my own results to share with my community.  

2. To learn some new things! This content is PLR rights, which means, of course, that you can SELL what you buy from Coach Glue and use it to teach others but you can also use it to teach yourself. I see a lot of topics that I just haven’t dived deeply into, that could be really helpful to me.  

Please think about this as an investment and stop spending on all kinds of randoms: You might think this is too much money but I hope you’ll really think about it and consider it before moving on from this email. Just the other day I heard someone say they bought 100’s of products over the last few years and didn’t apply anything. How much do you think you’ll spend on products in 2020? Now really honestly with yourself think about how much you spent and applied in 2019? 

What if you diverted the money you’ll probably spend this year to having Nicole Dean, Melissa Ingold and myself, Angela Wills, on your side with content, support, training, weekly coaching and quarterly collaborations? That’s everything that’s being offered right here in this email and if you don’t think it’s a pretty incredible deal, I don’t know what is!  

I’m excited for the possibilities! I hope you are too! 

Here’s what to do:

1. Buy Coach Glue VIP Access Here for $997
2. I’ll see your sign up and add you immediately for one year of Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity ($444/year value)
3. I’ll give you access to all new products as they are released
4. Celebrate your business investment savvy and prepare yourself to rock your 2020!  

Talk soon, 

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