I’m Asking: How to Cure Social Media Addiction?

I have goals. I have plans. I have VISION. 

And I have TWO massive Addictions to BREAK.

1. Social Media
2. Sugar

I have told you about these before. These are not new issues for me. 

They 100% are affecting my quality of life, my progress and, unfortunately, they affect my kids, too. 

I don’t want my kids thinking my phone is more important than they are. Being PRESENT in every moment with them is a very important message I can send them and I’m not doing that 100% of the time right now. It’s no longer acceptable to me to be this way so I’m changing it. 

It’s not hard to admit this but I know I’m not alone. 

In 2019 I learned something that was very interesting:

I broke my addiction to dairy (especially cheese which is said to be more addictive than cocaine) by replacing ONE belief with a stronger belief. I believed I wanted and basically NEEDED dairy and couldn’t give it up. Then one day, in one split second while watching the documentary, that belief got replaced with the belief that I didn’t want any animals to be used in any way for me and just like that – poof – I was done with dairy and all animal-derived products.

Here’s what I’m doing to BREAK these addictions, in case it might be of help to you:

1. Social Media – Mainly Facebook and Instagram

I don’t need any convincing to know that my family needs me. I am the anchor of this family and I keep it running smoothly. The more I’m buried in my phone “working”, the less time I have for them. 

I also don’t need any convincing to know I don’t NEED to be on my phone when I’m not posting a great post OR spending some time finding great people to connect with. I know I can fully PLAN and SCHEDULE that time in… it does not need to be reactive or instant. That way I’m also fully present for the people who I connect with on social and fully present for my family when it’s time for them. 

In my business there really is no emergency. There is no need for me to be on my phone every few minutes to see what’s happening. I do truly enjoy the connections via social but I also need to be smart about how I’m using it, so this year I’ll be implementing tactics to see what’s work and tracking it… I’ll share about that as I go! 

It’s purely that hit of dopamine like a slot machine addict that keeps me coming back at the moment. I don’t have a lot of strategy other than post and comment and like and that is not good enough. I’m coming up with a plan and a process and getting SMART with social media, when I’m on it. 

I’ve decided to get addicted to my family’s smiles, laughs, giggles and appreciation that I am there for THEM and WITH them first and foremost, not allowing to take second priority to my work and the internet. 

After all, that’s my whole philosophy that I teach and say regularly at the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity – Life First, Then Business

PHEW – Accountability set. 

2. Sugar 

I’m doing a 30-day detox. I’m resetting my body with a 30-day commitment to remove sugar, caffeine, gluten and ultra-processed chemicals from my body.

I will be using nutritional products and real foods to create a baseline level in my body so that I can let it function the way it SHOULD, without having to process so much extra stuff that doesn’t actually help my body work! 

I look forward to proving to myself how much more incredibly awesome I can feel without giving my body so much extra stuff to handle and manage. 

I’m doing this through a company I sought out in search of vegan skincare to discover they have a 30 Days to Healthy Living program that is just what I need right now! I’ll be actively participating in the Facebook group that goes with this program and following the plan. I’m really looking forward to how I know I’ll feel when I get “clean”. 

I’ve detoxed before. I know how great it feels in both body and mind. I’ve removed sugar for 30 days and the amount of mental clarity was incredible and that was very beneficial to my moods (which was great for my family) AND my ability to think and have clarity for my business. 

I haven’t detoxed from sugar AND caffeine at the same time before, though. There was a point about a year ago when I was drinking 2-5 coffees per day! I’m really looking forward to not allowing foods and additives to control me. 

If you’d love to join me on this journey I fully invite you! I was so impressed with the company that I found that has over 500 vegan products that I signed on as a consultant. If you’d like to know more about the business opportunity there just let me know (You can message me on Insta, Facebook or just hit reply to this email). I’ve been looking for ways to add more streams of income to my business and this just fit in so very well that it was a super easy YES. 😉

I’ll add to this WHY I want to break my addictions. 

I’ve achieved some nice things over this last couple of years. In 2018 I hit my first six figure year and growing. In 2019 I did so many amazing things for my self-improvement. But I feel like I’m just getting started… I want to make ripple effects in the world of change for the better. I want people to be HAPPY and HEALTHY and I do believe I’ve made some really great progress in those areas and am qualified to help others do the same.

I also have life goals like to travel and see beautiful places in the world and to have a house that’s a better fit for our family (I want a gorgeous, highly functional kitchen, a home office and a driveway that fits both our cars, lol). 

These kinds of emails where I get this kind of vulnerable are never easy for me but I have TWO main missions and visions this year and beyond:

1. To change the world with a message that we can all be responsible for our own financial success through creating our own income(s).
‘ll do that at Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

2. To change the world by educating people on the veganism lifestyle in hopes more people will accept and remove meat and dairy from their diets.
I’ll do that at Chasing Vegan.

If either of these visions resonate with you I’d LOVE to talk with you! Seriously this email is just the START of a communication. I’m open to hearing from you personally, always, so we can chat and see if your unique needs are a fit with what I can offer. I’m here to serve and ONLY serve the people who are the right fit… nobody wants their time wasted and I fully respect that.

I can’t WAIT to get to work! I’ll be full on starting tomorrow with a determination and clarity like I don’t believe I’ve ever had before. Let’s get this done! Woooooooo!  

Talk soon!

Angela Wills
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