Income Report July 2018

About The Monthly Income Report:

I have wanted to do income reports for YEARS and I just wasn’t brave enough. It takes a certain amount of guts if I do say so, to post your income no matter how it goes and to know people are going to think what they’re going to think about it. 

But I have to say that I’ve gotten to a point in my own personal growth to know that the mere act of doing these report will make me better AND the sharing of them is giving my community the kind of insight that wouldn’t come from me in any other way. So I create the monthly income report and I share it for you to PEEK inside and see what is happening in my business.

With these reports you’ll see the good and the bad, the highs and the lows… I’m not going to pretend I’m perfect and you’re going to see where I have shortcomings. It’s ALL OK with me and I think you’ll learn a lot by getting this kind of looking back insight.

Don’t try to do what I do. Learn from what you see here and adapt it to YOUR business, fit it to you and what you do best. That’s how to best use what you’ll read below.

About Summer Selling: Summer can be a tough time for selling. It doesn’t HAVE TO be, people do buy during the summer, but it just tends to trend in the direction of being harder as far as I can tell. There’s just so much on the go from June to September. Some kids get out of school in June, the whole summer activities keeping people busy, and then back to school come August and September. I often try to sell, sell, sell during the summer but I did something that felt REALLY scary to me.

Actually, a couple of things:

  1. I decided to move my entire business to Kartra. I’m going to be sharing LOTS on what I am doing and why but for the time being I’ll tell you I am absolutely THRILLED with this decision.
  2. I decided to close my membership, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, for over a month. This was FREAKY to do and even though I know I don’t get huge growth in membership most months it was scary to close down the main component of my business. BUT I can’t wait to relaunch.

  My goals with this income report would be:

  • To show you the reality of income generating in my world.
  • To let you see and understand how I make money.
  • To give myself a monthly check-in with what worked and what didn’t, something I don’t do right now!
  • To be accountable for my income goals AND motivated to work harder knowing your watching(?), maybe…
  • Show you what kind of expenses a business like mine can run on.
  • Identify some of my important statistics for business growth and what I need to learn from them.

Laptop Lifestyle Business Club July 2018 Monthly Report

Here is what I made and spent in June:

Income Generated & Sources:

$2256.03 – Laptop Lifestyle Business Club – This is down about $1000 from last month because there were less yearly renewals and no unlimited membership payments.
$ 297 – One-on-One Coaching – One payment from a monthly coaching client. I currently have four clients and most paid for their three months in one payment. I actually really like the three month coaching offer, I’ll be doing that again in September.
$ 509 – Fast-Action Challenge Sales – I did a retirement sale. You might notice I’m selling these every month. This allows me to get the most out of the content I’m creating for the membership.

Affiliate Income & Sources:

$791.70 – Coach Glue
$69 – Piggy Makes Bank 
$7.50 – Createful Journals
$17.40 –ConvertKit
$27 – White Label Perks
$16 – DFY Templates
$42.50 – Learn Camtasia
$472 – Blogging Concentrated

Again, most of the commissions are passive, meaning they came in without my promoting.

The Coach Glue sales are recurring big sales from the big push I did a year ago to try to win the Coach Glue affiliate contest. This is why I teach what I teach with my new program Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer… passive income rocks!

I did actively promote the BC Stack, from Blogging Concentrated, and that went VERY well as you can tell! On top of earning that commission, I also gained over 300 new subscribers and counting. This type of bundle sale is exactly what the LLBC members and I are working on to be launched September 23rd-28th.

If you’d like more info on how to make money AND get leads with a bundle sale then I invite you to check out this Action Plan and live workshop for September (psst… you’ll be given an opportunity to join the bundle and build your business, too): Giveaway or Bundle Events Action Plan

Total Income: $4505.13


$2.17 – as3 File Hosting

$4.99 – Boomerang for Gmail

$79 – ConvertKit (Cancelling this one for Kartra!)

$50 – MomWebs Hosting << THE BEST HOST 

$47 – Lifestyle Builders Membership — YES, I’m a member of a club, too 😉

$15 – Zoom

$25 – BeLive

$495.56 Affiliate Payments to LLBC Affiliates

Total Expenses: $1080.02

NET Income: $3425.11  


Let’s dig into some metrics! I’m going to put in brackets the previous month’s stats for comparison

Laptop Lifestyle Business Club Members: 161  (June – 152)

  • NEW Club Members: 16 (June – 19)
  • Total Customers In Amember (includes free & paid members): 5,381 ( June – 5,161)
  • Email Subscribers: 3,773 (June – 3,412)
  • Monthly Unique Website Visitors: 4,206 (June – 3098) (According to Jetpack)
  • Facebook Page Followers: 825 (June – 822)
  • Instagram Subscribers: 755 (June – 746)
  • Twitter Followers: 3,485 (June – 3643) >> Weird I lost a lot, I didn’t do anything over there.
  • YouTube Subscribers: 406 (June – 405) >> Woohoo! One New Subscriber. Was it you? 😉
  • Pinterest: 423 Monthly Views, 4 Monthly Engaged (June 216, 1)

  Summary of events and happenings…

Club Members – Membership is up again. I closed down the club midway through the month because of the relaunch so that definitely drove new members in. I’m just really looking forward to the relaunch in September and can’t wait to see new faces then! August we are going to have a big fat goose egg (0), new members, because we’re closed and getting all prepped to rock September. 🙂

Email Subscribers – The BC Stack was my list-builder for July. Not much else going on with all the other things I was doing. My next big list builder will, hopefully, be the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle we do in September!

Social Media – When I look at all the social media accounts I have I really am thinking about where best to put my time to gain some leverage when I can. I was working on Instagram but I’m not sure that’s the best choice. I will continue on with the 10-10-10 plan I mentioned last month (10 likes, 10 follows, 10 comments) and then test out conversions with special links I can track to see if I’m getting sales. Then I’ve got my eye on Pinterest or YouTube to see if I can get traction with either of those.

July Lesson Take Aways:

NO LONGER RECOMMENDING THIS >>> An All In One Business System – I can’t let July go by without saying that signing up for Kartra is the game-changer for me this month. I am beyond excited to find an affordable system that includes EVERYTHING I need to run my business in one system. If you’ve ever tried to piece together different software programs and make them all work for coaching programs, information products and a membership site you know what a PAIN in the you know what it is! This new system eliminates all pains in this area…. and I am in love.

Closing a Membership is OK To Do – I was super nervous to close up my club for over a month, almost two months actually but it has been more than OK to do. It gave me a chance to figure out the move, take a summer vacation (I’ll talk about that in August) and to really make a game plan for an awesome relaunch (also working on in the next couple of weeks). I wouldn’t close my membership regularly but if you’re planning a big change or a move, it’s really been a smart choice for me.

July 2018 Monthly Income Summary:

I’m quite content with my income for the month considering I shut down my main offering and was working on learning and moving to a new system, Kartra, which is a HUGE move (AND it was a HUGE mistake! UPDATE July 2019). My income goal is $100k per year or $8333 per month CAD. I’m still below this goal but I’ll keep on it and that’s OK by me.

Goals are not always easy to achieve and this $100k barrier is getting broken I promise you that! Thanks for being curious, for reading all the way to the bottom here and for being a part of my tribe. I appreciate you and wish you the best with your business!

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