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You've just discovered it! The Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity is your "home" online for digital business growth and collaboration.

The Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity was created for people like YOU to turn skills you already have into a growing, thriving, customer-serving, time-leveraging success!

The "The YOU" (for short) is loaded with training and resources to help you GROW smart and leverage what you know into more income. 

The Community is a tight-knit group that welcomes new members with open arms, who work together to earn together and who support each other's projects.

We love to cheer you on!

AND... We Collaborate together to build our businesses, thrive and change the world!

When You Join the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity You Get:

Training Library of courses, content, behind the scenes peeks and interviews to teach you how to make the laptop lifestyle a reality for yourself. 

Regular Weekly Webinar Coaching to grow an increasingly profitable online business without ever needing to feel alone or on your own! Our supportive presence motivates and inspires!

A community of members who cheer you on, lift you up, offer you advice, share their experience and answer your questions on the regular!

Partnerships with other members on a regular basis so you can work together to build a community and make more money!

Our membership consists of people from many respected backgrounds turned digital business owners. They offer digital courses, memberships and downloads in real-world business models like Yoga, Parenting, Health, Fitness, Business Coaching, Virtual Assistance, Writing and so much more. 

Once you join us, you'll experience these benefits:

  • Never Work Alone - Working from home is isolating and it's hard to find the time to find people who actually GET what you're doing. We get it and we're here.
  • Motivation Comes in Numbers - When you join a membership like this and hear what other people are doing to build their business, it's motivating!
  • You'll Learn New Things - Building a business in a bubble is not always a good thing. Learning new things and getting new input stimulates creativity in your own business.
  • Get Unstuck - If you ever feel stuck and have a specific issue in your business you can reach out through the facebook group or the live webinars. No more getting stuck, ok?
  • We Grow and Make Money Together - One of the most unique aspects of "The YOU" is the fact that we do group collaborations four times per year. We do two giveaways and two bundle sales and they help us grow our lists AND make money - at the same time. 

Over and over I talk to clients and customers who’ve had some life issue come up and stop them in their tracks. Life happens. Business is hard to work into life if you don’t PLAN to work it into your life. If you don’t expect those things to come up it’s hard to keep going.

That’s why I believe a business training program MUST include plans to work your business around your life. You don’t want your business to stop while your life goes on because that just compounds one problem over another and that’s not good.

I know how to do this. I’ve done it as I worked through my own life issues from breaking my ankle (BAD) to growing my business while parenting a toddler and a teen and more. I've also worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of customers since 2005 to create a business of their own designs. Anything you want to create you CAN create, so isn't it smart to create a business that gives you the LIFE you want? 

I’ve been working at home for myself since 2007 and have always been able to create an income to pay my bills, support my growing family and live my life from my laptop business.

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Not Sure if THE YOU is Right For You?
The Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity is for You If You:

  • Are done with the one-to-one business model and want to turn your attention to a one-to-many model so you can work less and earn much more than what's possible at an hourly rate. 
  • Have experience, skills, talents or a passion for something that you know you could turn into digital offer such as online courses, workshops, webinars, ebooks, emails and/or a membership site!
  • Have sold either services or products but know you could be doing so much more to create leverage in your business
  • Are open to profitable partnerships, networking and collaborating with like-minded, smart, talented business owners like yourself. 
  • Are ready to create a vision for yourself, your business and your community so you can make a greater impact and make a difference in the world!

Sign up completely risk-free with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up for the membership and if for any reason after thirty days you are unhappy you can contact me for a complete refund. 

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