Live Your BEST Life, Make More Money & Have Absolute Freedom... THAT is What The MEconomy Revolution is All About!

Build the foundation of your successful online business & create your lifestyle freedom! 

Time and again I see far too many highly talented people with skills and info to share completely STUCK and STALLED. They don't know how to leverage what they know into online offers so they can make more money in less time!

You just want to serve your peeps with your business! I get you! I got you! We can turn this around with a few mindset shifts, a supportive environment and the right answers to the questions you have NOW.

You're good at what you do. You serve your clients and customers and they love you. You know you have something that SELLS but the problem is you just don't know how to make that happen online.

You know you'd be able to reach so many MORE people, free up your time and make more money if you could just figure out how to sell what you know. 

You've bought programs, you've joined memberships, you've paid for content, you've bought checklists and templates and software and more. 

And now you realize you can't spend your way to a successful business! BUT what CAN you do?! 

I've been where you are. I know what to do.

For one, stop spending on autopilot. Make SMART investments in your business. Don't buy a course unless you can implement it! 

Next simplify things. The problem is there are so many ways to build a business online that it is completely overwhelming! 

I'm known for making things EASY to understand. I'm also a minimalist and a software loyalist. I like to learn my tools and USE THEM really well. 

I won't see you struggle anymore! It's time for a wake up call. It's time to join the MEconomy Revolution!

Introducing: MEconomy!

MEconomy is a group coaching program that I've created to put all the pieces together and give you a true UNDERSTANDING of how to be an online business owner. It's not the tools, it's not the niche, it's not the content or the checklists you need.... it's YOU. MEconomy is about YOU and you have everything you need to do this. When you figure that out and really LIVE IT, the rest will be bonuses and you'll move forward with confidence that can't be shaken!

Register Now! Live Training Sessions available.

Here’s Are The Benefits to Running Your Own MEconomy:

Be Ready to SELL at Anytime

When you're struggling with the mindset to sell, your role as a leader and what the heck to USE to make the sale then you never get past GO.

In this course we cover the mindset AND the practical to get you ready to sell anytime, anywhere and live the true laptop lifestyle you're dreaming of!

Banish Software Confusion Forever

Software is a beast for the NEW online business owner! What do you choose? How much do you spend? Will you be able to move it later? Are you picking something that's going to cause you massive headaches later?

This course will make your software confusion melt away and help you have clarity in the tools you pick to run your business. 

Create the Leverage to Live Life Freely

When you create your MEconomy you create your own freedom. This is truly a revolution. You will be one of the NEW workers, the person who lives life freely and earns money on their own terms. 

Work anywhere, choose your projects, pick your dream clients and work any hours you choose. It's all available to you and it's as awesome as it sounds. The MEconomy revolution is the vehicle I've created to help you make that happen. Let's do this! Be a digital nomad with me!

Get The Support You Need NOW

This is not a pre-created series that HOPES to solve your current, most-pressing issues. You won't be sent to pre-recorded videos to do on your own. We'll have weekly released training that you can do with us OR as it suits your schedule. 

This is a guided training that allows you to get on-the-spot training and help. Very customized, very specific to you and your needs!

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Samantha Angel

Graphics Designer

"I love your patient way of teaching"

Angela MEconomy was great!   You're an awesome coach and I love your patient way of teaching and responding to your students.  I so appreciate your authenticity and transparency in everything you do. It's awesome to connect with a coach that isn't afraid to tell it like it is - the good, the bad and the ugly. I love working with you anytime I have the opportunity and always learn something new. Can't wait to see what's in store for the next round of your training!

Peggy Everson


"I have what I need"

The light bulb just went off!!! You are so right - I HAVE WHAT I NEED.

Jennifer Burke

Marketing Trainer

"I'm ready to serve the people who need me most"

Before I jumped in to Angela's MEconomy I spent a lot of time researching software - hey, it's what I do (and I'm good at it)! I knew I needed to take the next step with a better way to sell online. With the MEConomy training and Angela's support it was easier to just make the decision, so I could move forward finally. I choose a solid software program, got it set up and now I'm making sales! It's a fantastic feeling to know I'm ready to serve the people who need me most. Love the hands-on training and deep dives, I recommend this course!

Here's What Happens When You Register for MEconomy:

Upon signup you'll get your registration email with your access link. You also get immediate access to our group and private forums where you can connect with other members and get one-on-one private coaching from me, if you choose to upgrade to private coaching.

Once registered you'll get immediate access to all on-demand modules ready for you in the membership area! Work through them at your own pace. Starting June 2nd, we will meet for small coaching groups to answer questions on each module. Review the module before or after the Q&A and work through the program. 

BONUS: Complete the course and have an OFFER READY by the end of the course and I, Angela Wills, will promote your product to my lists and social media! I want to help you EARN BACK the investment you make into this program. 

In summary, here's what you get:

  • On-Demand Video Training Modules (10) with Easy Jumplinks (to skip to any section you need).
  • Live Group Coaching Sessions (10) for Q&A and Feedback as you work through the program.
  • Supportive Course-Dedicated Group available 24/7 for searching, help and questions. 
  • BONUS: Free retakes and updates of this program! Never pay again even when we run live sessions!
  • BONUS: Complete the course and Angela Wills will promote your product. 
Pay In full


375 USD

payment plan


62.50 USD six monthly payments

Here's exactly how the training works...

Your module training is available for immediate viewing in the program area. You can watch them at your own pace, anytime! You will have ongoing access to this training with live updates and Q&A's available from time to time. You get free updates and retakes on all programs!

Our Upcoming Group Coaching Q&A Dates and Times are:
Tues, June 2nd at 1pm ET
Tues,June 16th at 1pm ET 

Tues, June 30th at 1pm ET


Module 1: Clarify Your Message & Get DREAM Customers

You've probably heard your business is not about you, it's about your customers and what they need. That's true but it's also not true. In order to get clear on your message, who you serve and what you do best you need to know YOURSELF. We're back to the "ME" in MEconomy here. In this module we'll talk about what kind of person you are and how that affects your business message. I'll even share with you how I got this VERY wrong and what I did to remedy it. This will be a fun and interesting module that is going to be essential to allow you to speak to EXACTLY who you want to work with so you can attract your DREAM clients and customers!

Lessons include: 1) Use your personality to your business advantage, 2) Insight - My big branding mistake, 3) Ways to clarify your message & attract dream customers, 4) Harness your words hidden messages

Assignment: Decide and declare your one offer focus to complete during MEconomy.


Module 2: Three Income Streams to Create Your Freedom

Many people pick an income stream and get comfy there. The problem is you are not giving yourself the flexibility or stability you could if you considered all three income types and decided what fit BEST for your business. We're going to learn about this and build it into your business from now forward, giving you multiple income streams from one business. Let's do this!

Lessons included: 1) Three income streams for successful stability in business, 2) Applying multiple income streams to YOUR business

Assignment: Identify all income stream opportunities for your current offer and business. 


Module 3: Lead Your Customers to Success

Imagine you were invited into someone's beautiful, interesting home for a cup of tea and once you got inside the door they walked away, left you there alone with no tea and no idea where the kitchen was. Would you feel welcome? Would you feel guided and helped? Nope. Don't do that to your customers. Lead them to success! We'll walk through real easy and practical ways to give your customers a clear path to results in this module. 

Lessons include: 1) Creating a clear path to turn new peeps into raving lifelong customers, 2) Your non-subscriber path, 3) Your subscriber path, 4) Your customer path, 5) How to make more offers per day than you ever imagined

Assignment: Define your non-subscriber, subscriber and customer path for your chosen offer.


Module 4:  Create ANY Digital Information Product!

If you are SICK of feeling frustrated about the process of product creation then this module is for you. It is my aim through this live session today that you never ever again feel like you need advice, a course or coaching to create something amazing that will serve your community. I want you to just feel CONFIDENT that you can create ANY digital information product in ANY format and serve your people and make more sales. This is possible and you can do this with everything you have available to you right now. Let's do this! 

Lessons included: 1) Decide your product format with EASE so you can get that product out there, 2) Set up your product for sale so that people make it through your sales process without problem, 3) Create your salespage so you have a powerful marketing message that inspires sales, 4) Create your product so that your customers are more than happy with their purchase!

Assignment: Create your product! YES - Let's go for it here. There will be a full list in the course area with the replay. See you there! 


Module 5:  Creating & Writing Offers That Sell

Your words send a message with every stroke of the keyboard. Being purposeful with the use of what you say it's so key to attracting your perfect customers and clients. In this module we'll focus on one simple copywriting formula for ALL your marketing. You won't need to buy thousand dollar courses for each type of marketing medium... use this method anywhere you create content to relay a message and you'll be creating content designed to inspire, connect and make SALES!

Lessons included: 1) Simple, natural copy you can use anywhere, 2) Creating connections with your peeps that will make them LOVE you, 3) Using copywriting tools & templates to make it EASY to create offers, 4) Types of creatives to use in your marketing and how to create them

Assignment: Create your salespage & five pieces of content to sell your offer


Module 6: Gather the Tech Without the "What the Heck!" << Technology stack simplified!

The choices for using technology to run your business and do any online task are staggering! No wonder people end up frustrated, confused and overwhelmed. We're going to start at the beginning, define the needed tools, gather the tools and take action. Technology simplified. I've got a knack for this and I can't wait to dig into tools with you! You're going to LOVE this!

Lessons included: 1) Full rundown of tech you need to know and understand, 2) Important considerations to choosing good tech, 3) Tech budgets and how to manage your expectations with the reality of the cost of creating lifestyle freedom, 4) Gathering your tech stack so you're ready to implement FAST.

Assignment: Gather your tech needed to sell your offer.


Module 7: Calmly Setup Tech & Be Ready for Sales

Perhaps the biggest stopping block in almost ALL online businesses is the tech behind doing ANYTHING. In this module we are facing this issue head on and I am inviting you to give up your tech stresses forever so you can confidently move forward in all you do online, no matter WHAT tool you need to do it!

Lessons included: 1) Decide where you need help for fast moving through the setup, 2) Creating a workflow to-do list so you get everything done, 3) Installation & Software tips to speed up your process completion

Assignment: Setup your tech! Yep - we're going for it here! 


Module 8: The Entrepreneurial Mindset for Success

Lack of the right mindset for business can mean devastation to your success. Let's turn that attitude around! You might not even realize the deep-seeded messages you are telling yourself or how you can quickly turn it around with the right methods. This module talks about removing the success block of an underdeveloped success mindset so you can blast ANY goals you set for yourself!

Lessons included: 1) Destroy negative self-talk & watch your business and life start to soar, 2) We have to talk money and managing it so you can keep what you make, 3) Personal growth, self-care, habits and routines - the magic pixie dust to being an entrepreneur. 4) The mindset shift of selling before creation.

Assignment: Create ONE mindset shift. 


Module 9: Leadership Mindset - Even for Non-Leaders

My coach once told me I went from accidental to purposeful leader. I never thought myself to be a leader and I think I misunderstood what it meant. Leadership isn't being the loudest, it's being the strong guidance of others towards what is important to them and to you. In this module you'll learn how to use the leadership within you even if you don't currently consider yourself a leader.

Lessons included: 1) You steer your business and once you get that you can take it anywhere!, 2) You don't need a single them more to take action and get results, 3) How to use knowing your impact to fuel your business, 

Assignment: Take a leadership role in your business and tell us about it! 


Module 10: Marketing for Long-Term Profits

Once you get setup you're now ready for the fun part - the marketing! It's not a bad word. Matter of fact marketing simply means you get to connect with those dream customers we talked about in module one and help them! When you use the ATTRACTION marketing we'll talk about in this module then you will not feel scammy or spammy ever - you will be a welcome helper to someone who's struggling and looking for what you have to offer. We'll discuss short-term and long-term marketing methods and you'll want to really think about your long-term profits for long-term success.

Lessons included: 1) Making email marketing your best asset & create subscribers who hand on your words!, 2) Using your social marketing as a long-term method rather than a one-done and gone forever, 3) Using networking to create connections and highly engaged potential customers

Assignment: Set up a marketing method and use it immediately. 

that's not all

Here's What ELSE You Get!

You're not just getting training! I've designed this as a "no-fail" program and that means if you show up, ask the questions and do the work it's going to be HARD to fail! Plus, you'll get multiple opportunities to show up and do the work you might miss (because, hey, life happens)!

24/7 Community Access

There's something really encouraging and motivating about knowing you're not going through something all alone!

I know what it's like to design turning your skills, talents and abilities into a digital offering. MEconomy customers know this, too! With over 20 others you will connect, network and work through the program together.

Bonus 2
Free Retakes!

With every new run of this program you'll get FREE retakes of the course. Your free access will include participation in any live training webinars and updates to all course content.

You'll also get a customer special pricing on additional coaching offers for the program. 

About The Course Teacher, Angela Wills

Angela Wills started building her own MEconomy in 2002 just after her first child was born.

She looked at her son Hayden's cute little face and decided she didn't want to ever leave his side! Since then Angela has made online profits in no less than seven effective business models. She's a consistent six figure earner who's passionate about helping more women become the independent, fierce business leaders she knows they can be. 

Angela runs her business while spending lots of time with her six year old daughter Ella, while Hayden is about to go off to college soon. She's seen the full circle benefits of running her own MEconomy and could never imagine going back to a JOB!

Here’s what people are saying about Angela...

Connie Ragen Green

Writer & Coach

An intuition about business that is uncanny

Angela is a special person with whom I am fortunate to be connected. She has an intuition about business that is uncanny and chooses to use her experience, knowledge, and insight to help the people she works closely with. Angela continues to make a difference in my life and my business.

Tara Alexandra

TV Show Producer & Host

Genuine interest in helping others to show up and do their best

I truly appreciate your authenticity. You're a joy to learn from and to be associated with. You truly live and speak from your heart and it shows in everything you do. I love your lightheartedness, your passion for life and learning, and your genuine interest in helping others to show up and do their best!

Stephanie Gilbert

Content Creator

She has a special twist to make you understand

I'm so grateful to have worked with Angela for one-on-one coaching as she does not hold back or tell you what you want to hear. She has a special twist to make you understand  what you need to understand in a way that makes you want to move mountains! She's a knowledgeable go-getter who encourages you to take action time and again! Since our work together, I feel more confidence, clarity and have a greater sense of direction for my business than ever before. Thank you, Angela! 

Kelly McCausey

Coach & Event Host

Keep on inspiring us all

I've been blessed to know you since your very early days in business and you've never failed to shift and adapt when the situation called for it and that's why you're going to rock every goal you set for yourself. Keep on inspiring it all.

What Would It Be Worth to You to be READY?

Here's what it's worth to me: everything.

Every day I wake up knowing that I am my own person. Every day I get to decide what brings me joy. Every day I know I can pause my business at a moment's notice to be there for my family. Those things are absolutely pricesless to me. I spent years and tears building that and if there's one thing I want for you it's to reach there faster than I did and I'm committed to helping you do so!


Pay In full


375 USD

payment plan


62.50 USD six monthly payments

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I will remove the risk for you by making offering you TWO guarantee options. No matter the situation, you'll be cover and have no risk: 

1. Complete the Course Guarantee: Take the course all the way through, complete each module and send me your assignments and if you don't feel it was worth your time or money then I'll give you a FULL refund with no additional questions asked. 

2. Made a Mistake Guarantee: I know sometimes people also get into a program and then realize it's not for them right away and just not what they thought. If you fall into this you can take the 7-Day Guarantee and get a full refund within seven days of purchase, no questions asked.

More Course Feedback...

Dortha Hise

Virtual Assistant

"Angela is so knowledgeable when it commes to what it really takes to build an online business"

I've been wanting more leverage in my business for so long. Working one on one with clients wasn't giving me the freedom I started my business for in the first place. When I heard about MEconomy, I was an immediate yes, and it did not disappoint! Angela is so knowledgeable when it comes to what it really takes to build an online business. She is so generous in what she shares and suggests with that knowledge with her clients. I'm so much more prepared to transition and uplevel my business now thanks to this course, and Angela.

Joy McDonald

Craft Blogger

"Taking MEconomy was the push I needed"

For years I have had course and membership ideas swirling around in my head! Taking Meconomy was just the push I needed to turn my membership site into reality! Angela took me step by step through the process to get launched. Now I’m ready to apply the same principles she taught to creating my online courses!

Leslie Bouldin

Marketing Consultant

"It really made a difference in the overwhelm of tech options"

MEconomy is a thorough course for starting or scaling your online business. Angela lays out every step and makes it easy and doable to set up your systems. I had never heard of a tech stack but once Angela walked me through it, it really made a difference in the overwhelm of so many tech options. I highly recommend MEconomy for building your business.

Angelique Duffield

Online Strategist

"Angela is so good at breaking everything down into simple, actionable steps"

Angela is so good at breaking everything down into simple, actionable steps. Inside the MEconomy program she has covered everything from clarifying your idea to choosing the right tools and setting them up to planning your digital product, And even has modules on mindset and leadership to round out the training.

One of my favourite modules was planning your customer path so you know what content to create that turns subscribers into customers, and helps you plan out a collection of related offers to meet your customers needs wherever they’re at.

It helped me to plan out my own suite of freebies and online courses that logically ties in to my other offers and 1:1 services.

Angela excels not only at delivering bite sized training with clear action steps, but she is super active in the group answering questions and giving feedback even outside of the regular Q&A calls, Which is so important for accountability and staying motivated.

Fran Watson


"She lead me through the entire process with patience and persistence"

As a beginner I needed lots of help and guidance along the way and Angela was there to provide it. She led me through the entire process with patience and persistence until I finally had a finished product. Thank you Angela.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a business to take MEconomy?

Will you give me the step by step plug in formula?

What do you mean by free retakes? 

Are you really including personal coaching? 

Do you teach funnels? 

Will the live training webinars be recorded?

Personal Note from Angela...

I really appreciate you taking the time to check out the MEconomy program.

I'm really proud of this offer! It's something I've had on my heart to create for years and I know how valuable it is to feel the confidence of creating your own lifestyle, owning your financial success and doing it all on your terms. I would be honored to help you overcome the struggles you are facing and join the MEconomy revolution!